“Rakowski Poland” functions based on a well-balanced and diversified portfolio of services. We are a company based on knowledge, reliability, and experience. We value our expertise and the trust of our customers and we pass them on in our team from generation to generation. What makes us stand out amongst our competitors is definitely reliability, which over the years has translated into crowds of satisfied customers.

The main area of the company’s activities could be classified as renovation and construction services. We approach each and every order in a comprehensive manner; hence apart from the final project we are also able to design your interiors and properly plan your electrical, lighting, lightning protection, and grounding installations. We build specialised sanitary, water supply and sewage, gas, and central heating installations. We implement ice protection systems that enable to remove snow and ice from driveways, stairs, roofs, and gutters, guaranteeing safety of dry surfaces and no need of bothersome snow removal. We install advanced energy efficient air-conditioning and ventilation solutions. We carry out turnkey investments – we also facilitate moving to a new place of residence. If you decide to entrust us with your dreams, you can be certain they will be implemented the way you want them to. We are here to provide you with the peace and warmth of your own home sweet home.

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Thanks to properly certified skills, we conduct electrical and gas measurements and approvals, as well. Thanks to a wide range of services and specialties, we provide full maintenance of apartments, houses, and all sorts of commercial premises.

In today’s reality offering not so favourable forecasts as to the natural environment, it is our paramount priority to search for ecological solutions safe for the environment. Therefore, we have been planning to developed towards renewable energy sources, such as photovoltaics (roof solar panels). We recognise and support the concept of sustainable development.